Washington Capitals-Edmonton Oilers

Washington Capitals and Edmonton Oilers collapse in-I play Washington moneyline to 1.68 times the money.
Just as I predicted, Washington picked a very impressive 4-1 victory against Pittsburgh Penguins last. A victory with a sweet taste, which I choose to call it. Firma Kuznetsov-Ovechkin delivered points in the usual order, the offensive in its entirety convinced large and third straight home segments were collected. The problem with Washington this season is to mix and play games, especially in the powerplay. Usually, you’ll hear about the sharper shot about your own powerplay, not least with Ovechkin at the forefront. However, I have to say that I have seen a clear improvement lately, four wins have been collected on the last five games, where the 4-1 win against Pittsburgh last was the crown of the work. Feels unmistakably like getting on the right track, and of course, the victory chances against Edmonton should be superb intact.
Edmonton is back on the loser track after the 4-2 loss against New York Rangers lately, even there I stepped heavily on Rangers to 1.80 times the money. I’ve had a bad time for Edmonton this season. Ten losses have been collected on 16 played matches, one of which leaves a lot to be desired. The goal difference is 37-50 and it puts the finger on each team this season. Your right defensive perspective has been underperformed, at the same time you have proven a rude ineffective goalkeeper. No coincidence that you’ll be next to the Western Conference table.
Class and form distinction definitely speaks to Washington’s advantage. In addition, the home team has more rest in the legs, when the guests played as late as in the game. One factor that definitely can play a crucial role. On the whole, I think Washington is clearly the better team, and many are talking about Caps picking fourth straight win.