RB Leipzig – Hertha BSC

The RB Leipzig – Hertha BSC – And for the end of the first part of the season in the Bundesliga there is another duel of teams that played European competitions this season, but only Leipzig and the European league will play in the spring, although they started in the Champions League.
Hertha also fell out of the European League, as well as from the Cup and remains only the championship. Leipzig has also dropped from the Cup and are currently in a row of four games without a win in all competitions. Hertha has not lost the last three duel, but still has seven points less than his host. Both duels went to Leipzig last season.

RB Leipzig
The bad end of the first part of the season for Leipzig, but there have been ups and downs since the start and it is clear that many of their matches have been stifled. In the end, they did not succeed in the Champions League and will have to meet the European League in the spring, which is not bad again. It is perhaps a shame that they got Bayern early enough for the rivals in the Cup, and they went there, and in the championship it was good, except that Bayern had already moved away.
They did not even object to the Champions League title, and they are really looking for another place, which they kept while they were not lost at the Hoffenheim, and then tied the two lines, against Mainz and Wolfsburg. They were better off against Mainz, and coach Hasenhuttl continues to rotate the starting line-up, but now he will not be upset because of the red card in Wolfsburg.

Hertha BSC
Hertha is tortured on all fronts but will have only one priority in the spring so they can try to fix the impression from this first part where they really have played modestly and will not greatly improve the impression and possible good result in Leipzig. Lately, their series of failures somehow consisted of three matches, and then all of them crossed one win. First they did the triumph in Cologne, then, after defeating Eintracht and two tied strings, celebrated against Hannover in the last round.
Before that, they were saved from the defeat at Augsburg in the final goal of the goalkeeper Kalou, and for that reason Hannover got a starter position, which he lost with the new two goals and was a hero of victory. He stayed on the bench of S.Langkamp and Stark played a kicker, and Pekarik was on his right, while Wieser played more offensive. Maier and Lazarus played in the line, and Kalou changed to Ibišević. They hurt Rekik and Weiser, and they will not be there now, so they break Torunarigha and Leckie.

RB Leipzig – Hertha BSC TIP
It would not be good for Leipzig and in this duel remain without victory and we expect her domination against Herthe, which generally plays poorly, and at home and even weaker, so they will have a hard time doing this difficult visit and are likely to be defeated by this year.