Espanyol vs Villarreal Betting Predictions 17 Jan 2019

Today’s Betting Prediction Espanyol vs Villarreal

The Spaniard secured an important draw at Villarreal with a two-goal draw. However, the draw ended up being a better result for Villarreal, since in the 84th minute the home team lost by (0-2), but in only 4 minutes scored 2 goals, leaving everything open for the 2nd hand which will be played at RCDE Stadium. The Spaniard thus brings a good result that allows him to approach the game with another at will, can even play for victory or a tie with less than two goals. With this result, the Villarreal team continues to show their weaknesses, and the disappointing season that is producing, being currently in the penultimate La Liga standings. Thus, in this delicate situation, it will become even more important to “save himself” in La Liga, and taking into account that he plays 3 days in Valencia, Luis Garcia may be “obliged” to manage the squad. But all this together will give the Spanish a real favoritism in these round of 16 of the King’s Cup?


In the game of the first hand there was a tie (2-2), which despite the way the game went, is a good result for Spanish.

However, it is necessary to take into account the way the game unfolded, and Villarreal’s difficulties were more evident, even losing for 84 minutes and (0-2).

The result is favorable to Spanish, the home factor too, and the way he “breathes” in La Liga also allows him to face this game with other tranquility.

Betting predictions provided by expert tipsters Espanyol vs Villarreal

This is a different competition from La Liga, and when we have two teams so close to their value, at least on a theoretical level, the statistics go down. Here we must note the moment that both teams cross, and the advantage is on the side of the Spanish, which has shown more serenity, unlike Villarreal who has played on the embers. Given the circumstances the Spanish are favorites in a game that must bring goals, even because Villarreal need to score. Spanish (0) Asian handicap.

Bet on: Espanyol (0) Asian hanicap
Odds: 1.61

Betting Prediction: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.91