Hamburger SV vs Bielefeld Free Betting Tips

Hamburger SV vs Bielefeld Free Betting Tips

Hamburger SV, German team that occupies the 2nd position of Bundesliga 2 with 45 points in 26 games.

Hamburger SV last year staggered ridiculously and unbelievably when the Bundesliga promotion was in hand and let it slip through their fingers.

It was a hard blow and this year they are in the fight again and in space we are seeing this Hamburg squander opportunities again.

In the last matchday, they did not take advantage of Bielefeld’s draw and defeat of Stuttgart and went no further than a 2-goal draw at Furth.

At home they are a strong team and here they play a non-decisive but very important card in the fight for promotion against the leader and direct opponent in this fight for promotion.

Bielefeld, German team that occupies the 1st position in the Bundesliga 2 with 52 points in 26 games. Bielefeld has been the most regular team in this competition, has presented very good football and for that reason justifies the leadership in the championship.

They want to move up in the division and have entered a fight with Hamburg and Stuttgart in which they want to prevail despite having a shirt lighter than these two historical German football.

It should also be noted that Bielefeld did not play well in this return from the Bundesliga and let them draw at the last minute against Osnabruck at home. It turned out to be a fair draw because Bielefeld retreated very early and the draw was in the face of what was happening on the field.

Defeating this Bielfeld away from home is not for everyone and only one team achieved this feat in this championship, St Pauli with a clear 3-0 victory.

Hamburger SV may well be the second team to achieve this and I believe that even playing without fans at home, they can perfectly win this game where they have a very high must win and where they had the experience of last year in losing this type of games, which in the end was decisive in the promotion accounts.

Hamburger SV vs Bielefeld Free Betting Tips

We have a very interesting odd for Hamburger SV and I didn’t hesitate to go for this bet especially after having seen the weak and hideous game that Bielefeld played at home against Osnabruck. So I am in favor of Hamburger SV victory in this match.

Betting Tips: Hamburger SV
Odds: 1.97