Italy vs China Betting Predictions 25/06/2019

Today’s Betting Prediction Italy vs China

Italy and China are leveling up in Montpellier in the last 16 of the 2019 Women’s World Cup finals. The Italians were in the top of Group C, even facing strong teams such as Australia and Brazil. The Italian side is in a very good phase and has 7 goals and only 2 goals in the group stage. A Chinese side were beaten 3-0 in Group B with only 4 points, triumphing only 1-0 against South Africa, drawing 0-0 with Spain and losing 1-0 to Germany. Italy’s best technical clipping could lead the Azzurri to control the possession of the ball and overwhelmingly exceed the Chinese in that parameter, with the Asian team very back on the field. Italian domain!

Our Bet Explained Italy vs China

Italy made a fantastic group stage and scored 7 goals against 2 suffered.
China is a low-stakes line-up and can be tied to the ropes.
China beat China 1-0, while the Italians won 5-0 in Jamaica.
The best technical quality in Italy.

Our Football Prediction Italy vs China

We foresee supremacy of Italy for much of the meeting, with China being referred to its backward sector. Even so, we take little risk and we bet in Italy to qualify.

Betting Prediction: Italy
Odds: 1.40