Merw Mary vs FC Altyn Asyr Free Betting Tips

Merw Mary vs FC Altyn Asyr Free Betting Tips

Merw Mary vs FC Altyn Asyr match scheduled on May 13th at Baýramaly Stadiony in Baýramaly. Below are lineups, odds and predictions.

Eighth round of Yokary Turkmen League, midweek, which sees the noble Altyn Asyr engaged on the Merw Mary pitch.

The hosts came out defeated from the match against the Kopetdag with the honor of arms. For Begenjew’s team, in fact, it was an excellent performance, and a race held in the balance until 20 minutes from the end; there was no lack of opportunities to reverse the score, but in the end the higher technical rate of the hosts prevailed.

For the defending champions the match against Nebitci was unfortunate and surprising. An unexpected defeat, the result of what can be said to have been the race of the year for the locals; a goal taken trivially after a quarter of an hour which was enough for the hosts to catch an important scalp in this difficult season.

Probable lineups for the match Merw Mary vs FC Altyn Asyr

Merw Mary – Nurgeldi Astanow – Rasim Gereýhanow – Begenç Alamow – Azat Orazmuhammedow – Döwlet Döwletmyradow – Alibek Abdyrahmanow – Döwlet Baýramow – Şanazar Tirkişow – Dayanç Durdyýew – Toýly Goçnazarow – Perman Hallyýew

FC Altyn Asyr – Mämmet Orazmuhammedow – Gurbangeldi Batyrow – Mekan Saparow – Ahmet Ataýew – Selim Ataýew – Resul Hojaýew – Begenç Akmämmedow – Mekan Aşyrow – Merdan Muhadow – Myrat Annaýew – Berdimyrat Rejebow

Last update expected about an hour before the start of the match, with the publication of the official teams. Until the definition ‘official’ appears in the title of the table, indicative formations are to be considered.

Additional information, when present, regarding players who are disqualified, injured or whose availability is uncertain, despite our best efforts, may contain inaccuracies or may not be updated. The wording officers therefore refers only to the starting line-up.

Betting Tips: Merw Mary
Odds: 7:50
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 5.65
Betting Tips: FC Altyn Asyr
Odds: 1:22