Metz – Orleans Football Prediction 03/08/2018

Metz, the host of this dispute, starts according to the odds offered by the bookmakers with the first chance of winning, which does not really surprise anyone if we relate to the value of the lottery and its experience. Metz sadly relegated last season, realizing one of the weakest championships in the first echelon, managing to get somewhat back in the end, but not worth it. He is forced to fight this season hard to get up again, but he will certainly succeed if he keeps his game extremely aggressive on the offensive stage. Metz managed to win the first game of this second league season in front of Brest, right on their field, largely dominating the entire game, missing his lucidity to finish because the score could be much higher.

Orleans, the guest of this game, comes to the field at Metz with the thought of forgetting the beginning of the championship, although the difference in value and experience will make its mark. The yellows have managed to remain in the first echelon last season, and here’s how to beat the second French league which turns out to be quite strong when looking at the batches of players and their names. Orleans did not make his debut in this race of the new season, losing in the first leg against Lens, 0-2, and things seem to have the same problems as last season: defending. The defensive compartment is the one that suffers the most, Orleans being forced to accelerate the offensive force to create a balance in this context.

The hosts believe that they are fully favored in this game, with no doubt in this regard, as the score is the biggest problem. Metz has all the chances of training with Orleans if they are more courageous and more attentive on the offensive stage, so the score can be two or three more goals for the host team.

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