Morocco vs Benin Betting Predictions

Football Betting Prediction Morocco vs Benin

On the one hand, Morocco, one of the most anticipated teams of this competition, on the other Benin, which we could define the “Cinderella” of the tournament without risk of denial. And the curious thing is that both arrive to the direct challenge of these unbeaten final rounds, even if with decidedly different results: only victories for Morocco, only draws for Benin. The former obviously passed the first-place group stage, while the latter ranked third in their grouping. In short, Morocco is certainly stronger, but has everything to lose, Benin starts from a disadvantage, but can at least play without pressure.

The key points of the Morocco vs Benin prediction

As said, up until now Morocco has conquered only victories: all decidedly suffered, but in any case the score does not lie (nine points in three games).

In fact, Benatia and his companions first beat Namibia, then Ivory Coast and finally South Africa, winning a group that was anything but easy.

All three matches ended 1-0 for Morocco: therefore zero goals on the passive side for a defense that, until now, seemed imperforable.

Even Benin has done well so far, ending the group stage from unbeaten: three draws on three races played.

Benin blocked Ghana at 2-2, but then failed to go beyond the 0-0 draw against Guinea-Bissau and Cameroon.

Our Football Prediction Explained Morocco vs Benin

Morocco is certainly favored, even if the opponent has proved to be anything but malleable. We choose to give confidence to Benin and his companions anyway and we play the 1 final result.

Betting Predictions: Morocco
Odds: 1.7