Persija Jakarta VS Home United FC Soccer Prediction 15/05/2018

Soccer Prediction Persija Jakarta VS Home United FC

In the follow-up Semi Final of AFC Cup leg 2 this, gilirang Perisja Jakarta who played as host to host Home United FC. Of course this match remains a very interesting game to look forward to, because currently host Persija Jakarta has been left behind on aggregate 1 Home United FC. In the previous leg 1 match Home United FC successfully maximize their home game with a 3-2 win.

However, although Home United FC winning 1 point from Persija Jakarta, not guaranteed Home United FC will qualify for the next phase. Precisely both teams are still equally wide open opportunities. Moreover both teams are neighboring countries, of course this game more prestigious for both supporters. The strength and quality of both teams do not seem much different, their game patterns are quite similar.

After the game leg 1 last week, Persija Jakarta again continue Liga 1 Indonesia against Madura United. But unfortunately Persija Jakarta failed to take advantage of their home moments due to defeated 0-2. This is a bad sign for Persija Jakarta because they are unable to rise from the previous defeat. While Home United FC did not do another game after leg 1, so make the players Home United FC more fit.

In the leg 1 Home United FC made a surprise for Persija Jakarta because it can score 2 quick goals, in just 10 minutes Home FC made the defense from Persija Jakarta off guard. But before the end of round 1, Persija Jakarta able to equalize with 2 goals in print by R. Lestaluhu. It seems like the host of Persija Jakarta will improve their defensive defense like leg 1, it is important to be special attention considering also Persija Jakarta bad play when opponents Madura United. But overall Persija Jakarta’s performance is very good when in this event, unlike the League 1 Indonesia. The host hopes a miracle to escape. (Ozk)

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