The Coronavirus impact on Italy Seria A football championship

Italy is confronting the worst outburst of Coronavirus these days, with more than 130 infected and 2 casualties recorded in the north since Friday. So the government decided to ban all public events and shut schools and universities in the affected areas to prevent the spread of the disease.

Minister of Sport [Vincenzo] Spadafora

“Minister of Sport [Vincenzo] Spadafora intends to suspend all sporting events planned for Sunday in the Veneto and Lombardy regions.”

This statement was given by Italian Prime minister Giuseppe Conte on Saturday in a press briefing.

” The government decided to call off four Serie A matches over the fear of the spread of Coronavirus.”

Four out of the six Top-flight Serie A matches were called off. Out of the four suspended Serie A matches, one was Inter Milan’s home game against Sampdoria and the other three being Torino v Parma, Verona v Caligiuri and Atlanta v Sassuolo. These matches have purportedly been postponed over the fear of the spread of Coronavirus.

The government decided to take this step after the death of a woman from the northern region of Lombardy who was the 2nd to die from the virus in 24 hours. News has been circulating about the alleged death of the third person this morning.

According to estimates, more than 600 Ludogorets fans were expected to travel to Milan to see the game and public safety could have been on a serious risk due to the outbreak of this disreputable virus.

The European football’s administration UEFA said:

“In touch with Inter and with local authorities on the matter and there is no further comment to be made at this stage”.

Torino match, who play from Turin, the north-west region of Piedmont was called off just a few hours before the due time which was scheduled at 14:00 GMT.

Among the other canceled matches were AC Milan women Serie A home game against Fiorentina and Italy against Scotland in the Women’s six nations which were scheduled on Sunday.

Owing to the outburst of Coronavirus,  numerous towns in the Lombardy region were locked down and schools and offices were closed until further notice. Citizens were requested not to go near the accident and emergency departments.

Damages of Coronavirus and how did it originate?

The bone of contention, Coronavirus originated last year in the Hubei province in China and since then, 75,767 cases of the virus have been reported. The virus gives birth to a respiratory disease called Covid-19. Right from the time of the outbreak, the virus spread like wildfire and didn’t remain limited to China only as more than 1200 cases of the viruses were registered outside China and at least eight casualties were confirmed according to WHO.

‘The  Serie A championship will not be extended’

Speculations are circlulating as to whether or not the season can be extended. But as indicated by the officials, there is no question of extending the current season as Euro 2020 is already scheduled to start in the summer and the teams don’t have viable dates to rearrange games. According to the latest reports, the number of cases had risen to 260 overnight from 229 on Monday, with the northern Lombardy and Veneto being the most affected.

With the four postoponed matches, at least six out of 10 scheduled matched were announced to be played behind closed doors in empty stadiums. Rome luckily has been safe and not affected so far. So it is due to host three group matches and one quarter-final at the Euro 2020 in the summer.

“We are at the waiting stage. We are monitoring country by country, and football must follow the orders of the individual countries. The sporting path will only be closed if the situation gets worse.”

Said Italian Michele Uva, a member of the UEFA executive committee.

As Naples is not included in the affected region, the match due on Tuesday in a Champion League round of 16 matches will not be postponed.

‘The Euro Leage match of Inter Milan will be played in Empty stadiums’

The Europe League match of Inter Milan scheduled on Thursday will be played in empty stadiums behind closed doors and the clubs confirmed that the amount of the tickets will be refunded to the buyers. As the matches being suspended do not relay on betting on this weekend football accumulator tips on Serie A championship!

A six nations march will be held between Italy and England in Rome on March 14. According to The Times report, the organizers were worried about the fixture and Italy’s visit to Ireland as well.