Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots

Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots

The Patriots’ quarterback is one of the most beautiful stories in the sport, and especially in the NFL. He was part of this team for 20 years having won several titles of enormous importance, noteworthy that he arrived as a perfect stranger in the second ‘wave’ of choices of the draft of the year 2000.
6 SuperBowls for a 6th round of Draft… not bad

Tom Brady joined the New England Patriots 20 years ago as one of the choices of the 6th round of the draft, more precisely the 199th player to be chosen that year. Naturally, no one expected him to become the star who would win six Super Bowls and become a living legend of the club and the sport.

The Patriots had never won a Super Bowl title before their arrival, and the truth is that he leaves six replicas of the most important trophy in the football league after a pulse climb that made him one of the game’s benchmarks.

At 42 years of age, the player finally made the decision to leave the team where he conquered his space and became one of the legends of football, being able to negotiate as a free agent to join another team.

Brady thanked and will always be a Patriot

At the time of the farewell, Tom Brady thanked the team, supporters and the city itself for everything they gave him over 20 years, noting the ‘winning culture’ he found ‘based on great values’. The American footballer – married to model Gisele Bundchen since 2009 – also said he will always be a Patriot and will never forget the two decades of success he has lived with the New England team.

Of course, it could not be otherwise. When a player stands out in this way and adds a large amount of titles to a team that was distant from them, he could not leave unnoticed, but as a hero who made an entire city dream and make history in one of the most important sports for the American people.

The Patriots will thus have a void to fill in the coming years, but they can find comfort in the excellent memories that the player left in the city, after all, when he arrived the club had never won a SuperBowl, and now has six in his museum.

A new challenge to extend career

At a very old age it is normal that Tom Brady decided to take a new direction in his career in the sense of trying to prolong it for a few more years by now receiving an injection of adrenaline and motivation with this change.

Two decades playing on the same team compromises your motivation, especially after making history for that team and perhaps this change is important for this end of your career. The fact that he left the team and became a ‘freeagent’ also contributes to this desire for change since it makes room for a stratospheric contract, after all there will be several teams competing for him, and he will probably be the one who pays more than guarantee your rights.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers will be next destination

But there was no need to wait long for the announcement of his next team. The Tampa Bay Bucaneers have reached an agreement with the mythical Quarterback who is expected to earn something like $ 30 million annually. It is a formation that emerged about 20 years after the founding of the New England Patriots and that, until now in its history, has only won the SuperBowl once.

So, it is clear that the team is looking to recover the title path and Tom Brady can be important for several reasons. He is still an interesting player today who can add quality to the team, on the other hand, his reputation can help the team to convince other players to join the cause and his projection in the sport can also boost sponsorship and extra visibility to a team that aspires to return to the spotlight.

This is a team that was very strong and competitive in the decades between 1980 and 2010; first stage of the competition.

This can be a good opportunity to start a new cycle in the history of a team that has already been highly recognized and Tom Brady’s entry can bring them back under the spotlight. The simple news that one of the legends of the sport joined the Bucs already puts them in this situation, because wherever Brady goes, the press will accompany him.